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We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do....

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A few months ago Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors challenged all Beaver and Duck fans to see who was the "Ultimate Fan". To enter, each fan needed to submit a picture of their team's decor and a brief description. The winner was to receive a carved door. Yes, a carved and painted door. The Oregon State version is shown below:

Of course, the winner was a Beaver. From Jeld-Wen's release:

As the winners of JELD-WEN's search for the Ultimate Fan, a contest pitting Beavers against Ducks, Jon and Cynda Weaver of Portland proved their status as true Beaver believers by dedicating their family room as a shrine to Oregon State University.

Every corner of the room displays the Weaver family's obsession - a bright orange ceiling, an extensive collection of autographed Sports Illustrated covers and Beaver memorabilia. The JELD-WEN judges were impressed that even Ted, the family's orange and white dog, is trained to thrash his favorite duck chew toy when "Go Beavers" is mentioned.

An OSU alum and Beaver fan since the 1970s, Jon Weaver credits his wife for the room's decor.

"My wife is the ultimate Beaver fan because she is so understanding and loving and generous when it comes to my own obsession with Oregon State," said Weaver.

A picture of the Weaver's beautiful OSU shrine, complete with a TV, the family dog, and a Christmas tree: