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Tuesday Night Quick Hits

  • Paul Buker has some new news on Yvenson Bernard. It's not looking good, but again, you never know. If he really is as sore as they say he is today, I don't see him being in game shape by Saturday. Hopefully Sieverson and Polk will give us the production we need.
  • How about those Missouri Tigers? Haven't talked about them much this year, but they're having a great season with the same core of guys who played against the Beavers in the Sun Bowl last year. Obviously, it looks like Chase Daniel and Co. has recovered from the bowl game loss, as they're 11-1. They still have to get past Oklahoma for the conference championship, but if they do, they're a lock for New Orleans. Oklahoma is the only team that's beaten the Tigers already this season, so we should be in for a good one on Saturday.

    Charlie Riedel/ AP Photo (via ESPN)

  • There was a good story in today's Oregonian on Oregon State's "Throwin' Samoan" and Oregon's two back-ups. Worth the read.
  • While Oregon State's defense is salivating at the thought of lining up against Oregon's fourth string quarterback, Bellotti and the rest of the Oregon coaches are trying to find ways to pull a couple fast ones on this Beaver D that ranks first in the conference.