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Pac-10 Wrap :: Oh what a year it's been

Two weeks ago, I didn't know who Cody Kempt or Justin Roper was. At the beginning of the season, nobody knew who Osaar Rasshan was, or ever imagined that TWO Pac-10 teams would start fourth or fifth string quarterbacks by the end of the season.

Welcome to College Football 2007. It's been one of those years.

Heisman candidate Dennis Dixon is done. Tim Tebow became the front runner, and now has to play with a cast on his non-throwing hand. Is Darrel McFadden the only one left at this point? And how many Top 5 teams have lost and completely fallen out of the picture?

In Pac-10 play this week, things continued to get more and more messed up. First of all, Notre Dame beat Stanford by a touchdown to end their incredible 3-9 season and avoid a 10 loss season. So how did they beat UCLA, a team that shutout Oregon 16-0 this week? Oh, the Ducks no longer have an offense anymore, after having one of the nation's best a few weeks ago. And how did Washington, a team that's shown signs of promise all year, lose to Washington State in the Apple Cup? We all saw Alex Brink last week, he was terrible against the Beavers! Six interceptions? How did he throw for 399 yards and five touchdowns against the Huskies?

It's mind boggling, folks, it really is.

And what in the world happened to Cal?

And now it's quite possible that the Beavers could play in the Holiday Bowl?


A year after a 10-4 season that included victories over USC, Hawaii, and Oregon, we could play in the Holiday Bowl? After our dramatic Sun Bowl victory a year ago, could it get any better?

No Matt Moore, no Sabby, no Sammie, no Joe, and we're talkin' about a Holiday Bowl?

No way.

I'm done ranting.