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Another ugly win, but we'll take it

It was Roeland Schaftenaar and Sean Carter who led the Beavers in scoring against Portland. They both had 15, and for Carter, it was a career high. Add in 12 points each from the Tarver Brothers, and it equals enough for an Oregon State victory. The final was Oregon State 67, Portland 57.

The Beavers had trouble shooting again, especially in the first half. Oregon State shot just 32 percent from the field in the first 20 minutes, and trailed by one at halftime. In fact, after a up and down first half, we were lucky to be down by one at the break.

In the second half, OSU improved their percentage to 43%, which was just enough to put the Pilots away. Oregon State outscored the Pilots by 11 in the second half, which put the Beavs on top by ten in the end.

Oregon State was out rebounded by the Pilots, although it didn't seem like it. One theory could be all the Oregon State missed shots-- UP had 23 defensive rebounds, OSU 15. The Beavers did out rebound the Pilots on the offensive glass, which is where Oregon State got it's second (and third) chance points.

This far into the season, the biggest disappointment is Marcel Jones. There's obviously something going on between him and Jay John, as I don't think they're seeing eye to eye. Marcel only saw six minutes in the first half, although he was very capable of playing more. On several occasions Jay John had some words for Marcel during timeouts. Chances are it's probably a matter of Marcel not putting in the effort that Jay John thinks he's capable of. He's our lone senior, and he has a lot of potential to be one of the Pac-10's best scorers. Let's hope this issues gets resolved in the next few games, and Marcel will be back in stride by Pac-10 play. He was 3-11 shooting tonight.

I actually watched the game on FSN and listened to the game on KPAM at the same time. I was happy to find that C.J. Giles, Oregon State's transfer from Kansas, was the color commentator along with Mike Parker on the radio broadcast. C.J. said all the right things, and was even coaching the players from the press table throughout the game. Hopefully he has the grades he needs to play when he's eligible, (Cal State Bakersfield, we hope) but today's color commentating performance makes me think that C.J. could have a positive performance on this team, girlfriend beating aside.

The Pilots were a tough opponent due in a large part to their three point shooting. It seems like every time the Beavers would get a comfortable lead or start to edge back into the game, one of Portland's guards would step up and drain a three. They were 7 of 13 from three point range, which is well above the season percentage they came into the game with.

But the key to this game was turnovers. Portland turned the ball over 27 times, compared to the Beavers 13. The way the Pilots were shooting, if both teams had the same number of possessions, Portland would have won. But due to all of Portland's turnovers, Oregon State attempted seven more field goals and shot 22 more free throws.

Speaking of free throws, Oregon State continues to improve at the line, which is a very good sign. We talked earlier in the season about needed to get as many of the easy points as we can, as they have a lot more to do in the final score as most people think.

In my game preview I mentioned Ricky Claitt, and I suggested you to watch him during the game. He didn't do much scoring wise-- in fact, he didn't even take a shot. He did make 5 of 6 free throws, had six assists, and only turned the ball over once. That's the reason why he's started every game for the Beavers.

Speaking of starters, Josh Tarver was not in the starting lineup for the first time of his OSU career. He hasn't had the best numbers lately, and it's possible that Jay John felt better off with the core of brother Seth, Ricky Claitt, and Marcel Jones on the perimeter. Josh seemed to respond to Coach John-- he scored 12 points. He also knocked down a couple three pointers during the game, something he hasn't done that well in the past.

Sean Carter has some serious potential. He has some good moves, shows a lot of effort, and plays with energy. His free throw shooting was his weakness against Portland though-- he missed four of his seven. But I'm not trying to take anything away from his strong performance tonight. Fifteen points off the bench is a sign of a very good night.

Next up: Next Friday vs. Iowa State