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Pac-10 Football, Week 13

The biggest Pac-10 game of the week was played on Thanksgiving, but there's still some interesting football to be played today. One game will be intersting at least, as Notre Dame/ Stanford doesn't matter, and the Apple Cup won't affect the Beavers. The game everyone will be watching is Oregon/ UCLA, as the up and down (Dorrellian) Bruins take on the Dixon-less Ducks. The Ducks control their own destiny, as two wins would put them in the Rose Bowl. If everything goes right for the Beavers they could end up in the Holiday Bowl playing a team like Texas, but the Sun Bowl or Emerald Bowl is more realistic at this point. With Brady Leaf at the helm for Oregon, the Beavers will get a real look at what they will be facing in Autzen next Saturday. None of the previous game tapes are going to mean much, as Dennis Dixon meant so much to the Duck offense.

Here's a look at this week's set of Pac-10 games:

--From Thursday--

No. 11 USC at No. 6 Arizona State (5:00 p.m., ESPN)

Predicted Winner: USC (I'm not cheating. That's what I thought.)


--Today's Games--


Notre Dame at Stanford (12:30, ESPN)

Predicted Winner: Who cares.


No. 9 Oregon at UCLA (12:30, ABC)

Predicted Winner: Tough one... UCLA.


Washington State at Washington (4:00, FSN)

Predicted Winner: Washington




Feel free to make your picks in the comment thread. To make it simple, just copy and paste the lines below into a comment.

Notre Dame at Stanford. Winner:

Oregon at UCLA. Winner:

Washington State at Washington. Winner: