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Bye Week Blues

This weekend will wind up being one of the most pivotal weekends of the college football season, but, the Beavers won't be playing.

Which is making for an extremely slow week.

Aside from Yvenson Bernard's minor knee surgery, things have been fairly quiet surrounding the OSU football team. The team gets a few days off to spend some time with their families, but then it's back to Corvallis as the Beavers start to prepare for the Ducks.

In other news, The Men's Basketball team will play their home opener on Friday.

If you're traveling today, stay safe, and enjoy the holiday. Posting will be slow for the rest of today and tomorrow, but we'll return in full force for Friday and Saturday. Also, there will be a great game tomorrow between USC and Arizona State that has OSU bowl implications riding on it.

Again, stay safe, and enjoy the holiday.