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Cliff Kirkpatrick of the Gazette-Times has posted what he thinks are the Beavers chances to get into the Pac-10 bowls. First, here's the current Pac-10 standings.

Here are Cliff's scenarios:

For a Holiday Bowl trip USC must win out over Arizona State (in a close one so both are BCS-bound) and UCLA, and Oregon loses to UCLA and OSU. The Beavers would surpass the Ducks as the No. 3 team in the Pac-10.

For the Sun Bowl, basically there can't be a seven-win Pac-10 team available other than the Beavers. That can happen if USC wins out, and Stanford beats Cal. Losing to Oregon won't hurt.

That leaves OSU as the only Pac-10 team available for the Sun Bowl with a winning record.

If only one Pac-10 team plays a BCS game, that bumps everyone down a spot and the Holiday is out of the question. Oregon must lose out and Stanford beats Cal. Then there might be a chance at the Sun Bowl.

There are several ifs, ands and buts in the equation. The only constant is at the very least, there's the Emerald Bowl. So sit back and enjoy Thursday's ASU-USC game.

A few weeks ago we needed UCLA to lose every game so that they wouldn't become bowl eligible in the end. Now, we're rooting for them to upset the Ducks. The Holiday scenario will be a tough one, as the Beavers are hoping that two Pac-10 teams will get into the BCS, and the two teams with the best chance of that playing tomorrow.

Personally, I think we'll probably end up in the Sun Bowl again, or in the Vegas Bowl.

As always, your thougts are appreciated below.