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Bernard Now Questionable for Civil War

During the second half of the Washington State game, when Yvenson Bernard sat out the second half for precautionary reasons, we knew he was having some problems with his knee, but thought everything would be okay.

Now, via Buker , we find out that Yvenson Bernard had his knee scoped today to clear out some loose cartilage. Riley told the media that Bernard is questionable for the Civil War, but Cliff says that Riley personally told him that Yve is "doubtful" for the Dec. 1 game at Autzen.

It will be hard to know exactly what his status is until he gets some rest then tries to get back on the field. They hope to have him practicing by next week, and then playing in the game on Saturday. However, if he can't go, the Moevao/ Sieverson combination will be a possibility in the backfield.

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