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Washington State Report Card, Defense

A look how I ranked the defense...


The Beaver Defense held Washington State to 87 net yards rushing, only an average of 2.8 per rush. While that's above their season average, we'll take it in those weather conditions. You could argue that the front seven let up in the second half on a few of Washington State's scoring drives, but when the front line, linebackers, and secondary all helped in forcing 7 interceptions and a fumble, it's a good day. And with Jeff Van Orsow getting one of those picks, I'm giving these guys a high B.

(AP Photo/Dean Hare (via ESPN)


A week after letting UW backup Carl Boneel throw for over 200, the Beaver secondary gave up 314 yards to Alex Brink. This may sound bad until you throw in the fact the Beavers picked him off six times. His longest completion was 67 yards, but the Cougars didn't score a passing touchdown. The absence of the two suspended players was hardly noticed, as Brink threw five of his interceptions in the first half.


Serna had 8 punts for an average of 35.5 yards. On a miserable day like it was, it's understandable. His longest was a 52 yarder, and two of his punts were downed inside the 20. Serna made a 22 yard field goal in the second quarter, but also missed one in the game. Our kickoff and punt coverage was outstanding. WSU averaged less than five yards on punt returns, and less than 20 yards on kickoff returns. The numbers don't jump off the page, but if you watched the game, you will remember some times when we stuffed the Cougars on returns.


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