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Postgame Reaction Part II, OSU at WSU

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As promised, here are five discussion questions to mull over on this wet Sunday morning in the Willamette Valley.

The game was over when.... Oregon State took the opening drive 76 yards for a touchdown? The Beavers never looked back from there, leading 21-0 after the first quarter. Ten more points in the second quarter put the Beavers up 31-3 at halftime after a WSU field goal, and with Alex Brink throwing five interceptions in the first half, the Cougars had little to be excited about. In fact, Alex Brink's interception on the last play of the first half was the perfect ending for the Beavers, and one of the worst ways the Cougars could go out. It showed-- as about only 30 Washington State fans returned to watch the second half.

The outcome was....  the best of the season. Everything was clicking in the first half, and the Beavers coasted to a win in the second half, without Yvenson Bernard. There were some shaky spots along the way, but Clinton Polk's 56 yard run that came 29 seconds after Washington State's second touchdown put the Beavers up 28, and sealed the deal for the Beavers. Howard Croom's tipped touchdown three minutes later just added to the blowout.

The offensive MVP was.... Lyle Moevao. He prove that last week's performance wasn't a fluke, compiling 202 yards on 15/28 passing. Mike Riley says that Canfield is still the guy and will start if he is healthy, but Lyle is giving him a run for his money.

The defensive MVP was.... the defense? There's not one player who stands out here, but if we had to pick one, it would have to be LB Derrick Doggett who forced four tackles, one for loss, and intercepted two passes for 50 yards combined.  It's not everyday a defense forces 8 turnovers, so there are a lot of guys who you could argue for MVP.

Heading into next week, I feel... we've got a week off before the Civil War, but headed into Autzen, I feel good about the Beavers chances against a Brady Leaf lead team. You hate to see a player like Dennis Dixon go down like he did, but without him, the Ducks are going to have a hard time running the offense that they ran so well earlier in the season. Even if the Ducks put in a new offense for Brady Leaf, the strength of the Beaver defense should be a problem no matter what.

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The game was over when....

The outcome was....

The Offensive MVP was....

The Defensive MVP was.....

Heading into next week I feel...