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DeCarolis Fights Back, Pac-10 admits it was "Egregious"

AD Bob De Carolis wanted more than they were willing to give on Monday, propmting him to fight back on Tuseday. He asked for the officiating crew to be suspended, the video replay crew to be suspended for double the amount, and he wanted an apology from Verle Sorgen regarding this statement De Carolis took as a slam to the university, it's players, coaches and the fans:

"It wasn't that egregious. ... unless you are an Oregon State fan."

Well, now we know it was egregious.

The Pac-10 issused this statement yesterday:

The Pacific-10 Conference has suspended for one
game the instant replay officials involved in last week's Washington
at Oregon State football game for failure to stop play for review of
a critical play late in the game, Commissioner Tom Hansen announced
today. In addition, the instant replay officials as well as the on-
field officiating crew will not be considered to receive assignments
for a post-season bowl game.

"The Conference has conducted a thorough review of the Washington-
Oregon State game, including viewing all of the available video and
conducting conversations with replay and officiating personnel
involved in the game," Hansen said.

"We concluded the instant replay officials did not perform properly
on the fumble play late in the game. It is clear the game officials
should have been notified to stop the game and the play should have
been reviewed prior to the ball being snapped for the next play.

"We believe the suspensions and removal from consideration for post-
season bowl assignments are appropriate penalties.

"In addition, I apologize for what I deem an inappropriate remark by
Pac-10 Director of Instant Replay Verle Sorgen. He assures me he
meant no disrespect to Oregon State or its team, coaches and fans.
The failure to stop the game definitely was egregious."

"I reiterate that this was not a game representative of the best of
Pac-10 football and all involved will work hard to avoid similar
occurrences as we move forward," Hansen concluded.