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Washington :: Report Card

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Lyle Moevao had a good game for his first collegiate start, throwing for 109 yards on ten completions. I like the way Lyle went deep several times, and I wish he could have completed the deep ball to James Rodgers during the Beaver's second drive. I loved the block Moevao threw on DE Grayson Gunheim, in which he pancaked all 265 pounds of him on the turf. Riley said that Moevao was begging for that play. It's hard to grade Moevao at this point because we've hardly seen him, but I think the C+ is safe right now.


Despite the swich-a-roos that went on with the line this week, these guys did a great job blocking for Lyle, Yvenson and the gang. They helped Yvenson to 149 yards on a sore shoulder, and helped get Moevao off to a good start.


Still, we need to get these guys open more downfield. Great job by James Rodgers at the beginning of the game getting separation down the sideline, but the ball was just six inches overthrown. Lots of drops too, but James Rodgers' "fly sweeps" are keeping this group at a C.


You've gotta applaud Yvenson for coming off the shoulder injury and putting together a 149 yard performance on Senior day, in front of his dad. We wish he would have gotten that touchdown to go along with the yards, but what can you do. We all know he was in, or he was at least close. There's not much else to say... stay healthy Yv! If James Rodgers fits into this group too, he also deserves credit. The fly sweep has added another dimension to our offense, and the fakes have been worked into a lot of the offensive sets.


These guys held Louis Renkin to a net of 60 yards, and Jake Locker to 16 while he was still in the game. Jake was coming off of a shoulder injury, so I think the Huskies were using him sparingly. With the loss of Victor Butler, these guys really did step it up. It was a tough game to watch, and I can imagine that it was an even tougher night down in the trenches. Well, I'm positive they worked harder than I did in my suite, but you know what I mean. You've always got to give credit to the beg men up front. As for the linebackers, another great performance. Derrick Doggett continues his dominance in the tackling stats, but the rest are right behind. We're sure going to miss these guys next year.


 These guys got torn up a bit (Clark, specifically) and with two player ejections, these guys get a D. We'll be missing Drayton and Hughes in the first half of the WSU game, which means its up to Tim Clark and Keenan Lewis at corners, then probably Bryan Payton at safety to hold down the fort against Alex Brink. Our secondary did a great job containing Locker (yes, he was a bit of at times), but Carl Bonnell went off, especially in the fourth quarter. He finished with 233 yards, his longest completion went for 86 yards.


Serna was cash on his field goals, completing a perfect 18/18 career on field goals against the Huskies. He hit from 51, 34, 43, 30, and 28, and was two for two on extra points. He had a solid day punting as well, with six punts for an average of 37.3 yards. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it seemed like he's getting the job done more effectively than at the beginning of the year. His longest was 51, but his shortest was a 24 yarder that was downed at the 20. As Husky fan sitting next to me said after the 24 yarder-- "Serna... worst punter.... best kicker in the Pac-10." It sounded funny at the moment, but you've got to applaud a guy like Serna. The only part of Serna's game that was off track were his kickoffs. I could tell that Serna was frustrated after most of his eight kickoffs, most of which were squib kicks or low rollers. The Huskies has good starting field position for most of the night, but the special teams earn an A here thanks to a blocked punt followed by a Dennis Christopher touchdown.


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