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Postgame Q&A with John from Washington Husky Sports

It was a brutal game on Saturday night, so to clear up a few issues, I'd like to once again bring in John from Washington Husky Sports, a UW Husky blog, to exchange a few words.

Jake, Building The Dam: I've read what Tyrone Willingham and Scott Locker had to say about the Locker hit, but what are your thoughts?

John, Washington Husky Sports: I agree with Ty in the assessment of the situation. I also understand Scott Lockers concerns about his son's safety. I have watched every game this season, and in almost every game someone has tried to take Jakes head off with a helmet to helmet type hit. Spearing whether it is intentional, or unintentional is a penalty that should result in ejection. I have mixed feeling on whether the play was intentional or not, really only Alfaeva knows the answer to that one.

John: How do you feel about the play?

Jake: I feel for Locker, and I also understand that Scott is concerned about his son's safety. I don't think the hit was intentional, he was just trying to stop Locker from getting the first down. If you watch the replay, Locker was leaning out for the first, and Afalava was in a difficult position to make a tackle. As Riley said after the game, "I don't know how Al is going to make that tackle unless he goes down to meet him." Afalava is known for big hits, but I don't think he was intentionally trying to hurt Jake. Don't know if you've read it, but Al said he said a prayer for Locker during the time when he was being attended too on the field. Also, there was really no "wow" factor to that play. It was just another college quarterback fighting and scraping for a first down. If Locker doesn't lay on the field and get transported away in an ambulence, nobody probably mentions that play again. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but it didn't look bad until we saw the result. Football is played at a very high speed, and sometimes plays like that are unavoidable. Bottom line, I'm glad Jake is okay.

Jake: I read on the Husky website that Jake suffered a stinger and trapezius muscle strain, however I haven't heard how long he will be sidelined. Have you?

John: Jake could be back as soon as this weekend depending on how he feels. He looked pretty stiff in the fourth quarter when he came back to the stadium so I am thinking this week might be just a little optimistic. Carl Bonnell who came in for him is a good quarterback, so if Jake can't play we are still in good shape with Carl. I am pretty sure the UW staff is going to be on the cautious side with Jake.

John: What was your take on the Bernard fumble that was returned for fourty yards?

Jake: It sure looked like a touchdown, and if it wasn't, he was down at the 1, and the Beavers have the ball second and goal. It was just poor officiating, as the referee and one other guy were standing at the goal line like idiots, holding the spot, while everyone else was taking off down the field. If they truly thought it was a fumble, wound't they be running up the field too? It was clearly a case of the referees not calling a play on the field because they know it will be reviewed. And that one wasn't. I didn't really realize how much time was left on the clock during all of this until the Huskies started their drive and I saw that there was only one or two minutes left on the clock. That was a big, big, call, and there's no reason why that shouldn't be reviewed. You should have seen Bernard on the sideline when the Huskies got the snap off.

Jake: I assume that you were watching the game on TV-- did you think it was a correct call? There was a Husky sitting next to me during the game who told me he wouldn't feel good about the game if the Huskies won. Also, what did you think of Lyle Moevao flat backing Gunheim?

John: I thought it was a terrible call, you have to review a play like that. UW did the right thing by snapping the ball quickly so it could not be reviewed. The Pac Ten officials are the worst in the country, calls like that prove it. It was a hard hitting game on both sides of the ball, you have to like it when your QB lays some lumber on a defensive end.

John: I heard a lot of Husky fans had trouble with OSU fans at the game, did you see any of that going on? I mean you don't want to emulate Oregon do you?

Jake: Haha... well, I had box seats at Reser for the first time on Saturday, so I wasn't in the "OSU/UW mosh pit". There were some Husky fans in our box, but everyone was good-natured, however slightly under the influence. Walking out of the stadium I didn't run into any trouble either, but I'm sure there was some bickering going on. It was just and ugly, ugly game. It's safe to say the most Beavers hate the Huskies even more after Saturday's game, but I don't think our animosity adds up to Oregon's.

Jake: Carl Bonnell came on in relief of Issiah Stanback after he went down last year, right? How will Husky fans feel if he gets the start against Cal?

John: Carl almost beat Cal last year on the road in a game that went in to overtime. Husky fans like Carl, and more than a few thought he should have been the starter at the beginning of the season. Carl is a redshirt senior and he deserves some playing time before he graduates even though you hate to see it happen this way. I think our chances are better with Jake, but I am fine if Carl starts.

Thanks again, John!