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Beavers Waiting to Hear from the Pac-10

Mike Riley is expecting to hear something today from the Pac-10 regarding three Oregon State players who were ejected after the UW game. Also, Jeremy Perry was reported to have a run-in with the officials after the game, so the Pac-10 could be dealing with four players.

The three who were ejected were S Daniel Drayton, CB Brandon Hughes, and Special Team player James Dockery. And as I mentioned before, Jeremy Perry, who has missed most of the season with a leg injury, had a run-in with officials after the game.

Brandon Hughes got a defensive holding call that led to a minor shoving melee that resulted in the ejection of Brandon Hughes and Bryan Payton. UW lineman Ryan Tolar also got the boot. Dockery was ejected on a punt when he appeared to take a swing at a Washington player after they had a shoving match. After Dockery was ejected, the coaching staff called all of the Beavers into a huddle on the sideline, no doubt to try and get them under control.  

Also, I'm disappointed in some comments Beaver Nation made after the game. John from Washington Husky Sports, who we did some Q&A with before the game, had to delete many Beaver fan comments from his blog following the game. I can see how people can get frustrated, but there's no reason to publish thoughts like that on the internet. It's been happening on message boards too. It was just a brutally ugly game, and a ugly aftermath.

While we're waiting to hear from the Pac-10 regarding punishments, I think we also deserve to hear from the regarding that no-review on the Bernard run. The rumor after the game was that there was a communication error between the replay official and the truck, and that's what they were reporting on the Beaver postgame radio show.

Riley sad he hadn't heard anything about any technical problems in the replay booth.

Todd Mansfield also pointed out that it could of been a $500,000 to $1,000,000 call if it kept the Beavers out of a bowl.

Hopefully we get some more news out of Riley's office later today...