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Postgame Reaction Part II

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The outcome was.... surreal. The Beavers left the door open for the Huskies when the defense gave up 41 and 86 yard touchdown passes in the fourth quarter . But Oregon State looked to slam the door with an Yvenson Bernard touchdown. After it appeared that Yvenson reached the ball across the plain of the goal line, a Husky player picked it up and took it 37 yards. The officials didn't review it, and that controversial play could have changed Oregon State's season if the Huskies could have put the ball in the end zone on their final drive. With just over two minutes left in the game, that call had too much riding on it not to get another look.

The offensive MVP was.... lets go with both Alexis Serna and Yvenson Bernard. Alexis hit five field goals, solidifying a perfect career against the Huskies... he's never missed a kick of any kind against the `Dawgs. Yvenson, who was probably fighting off a great deal  of pain, put together just the game the Beavers needed with Lyle Moevao at the helm.

The play of the game was... Lyle Moevao's block on the reverse to Rodgers. Lyle didn't quite earn MVP honors, but I had to find a way to mention this play somehow. It was the #9 play of the day on SportsCenter, and it deserved every bit of that. That was one of the greatest 2 or 3 yard gains I have ever seen.

The defensive MVP was.... Derrick Doggett. With 9 total tackles (5 solo), two tackles for loss, and a fumble return for 33 yards, Derrick get the nod here.

Heading into next week, I feel... good about our chances. Martin Stadium in the middle of November is always a tough place to win, but the Beavers are the better team in my opinion. Our secondary will need to step up with Alex Brink at the helm for the Cougars.

Feel free to answer those same five questions in the comment thread below. I'm interested to see what Beaver Nation thought of this game.