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Week 6 Pac-10 Football Recap

It was an interesting week to be a Pac-10 football team. Heck, it's been an interesting year to be in the college football business.

Three teams had byes, Arizona State snuck past the Cougars on a field goal, the Beavers beat Arizona, UCLA got beat by an 0-5 Notre Dame team, and USC lost. To Stanford.

AP Photo/ Matt Sayles (via ESPN)

I'm sure there will still be a party to go to in Los Angeles.

If you read my predictions for this week earlier today, you'll know that I choked profusely on some of these games. But then, you probably would have too. Who would of thought that Stanford would take down the Trojans? And after UCLA made the Beavers look like fools last week, they make themselves look like even bigger fools against Charlie Weis and Notre Lame. Whoops, Notre Dame. Now 1-5 on the year. They won a game... look for them to crack the Top 5 this week.


So, it looks like Cal will move up a spot to No. 2 without even strapping on the pads. The Ducks should also move up a spot or two as well. There's no more questions as to who the No. 1 team in the nation is now, as LSU pulled off a nice come from behind win over the Gators in Baton Rouge. Arizona State sits atop the conference standings at 3-0 along with UCLA, but take a look at the non-conference games, and Arizona State prevails with a perfect 6-0 record. That's what Dennis Erickson will do for 'ya.

I'll post the updated Pac-10 conference standings later in the week. We'll also take a look at the nation's best 1-5 teams (Notre Dame) and the unbeaten teams.