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ALDS/Jacoby-Watching Open Thread

I know we're all College Football fans here, but who doesn't like to watch baseball, especially in October. The two National League division series' ended quickly, and there are still four American League teams vying for two spots in the ALCS.

The Red Sox and Angels are on now. Jacoby isn't in the starting lineup, but we're hoping to see him later in the game.

Update [2007-10-7 18:6:59 by Jake]: Jacoby enters the game in the top of the eighth as a pinch runner for Manny Ramirez. He advances to third on a line drive by Lowell. Jacoby, standing on third, scored on a soft ground ball to first base. It was obviously a contact play-- Jacoby went as soon as the ball was hit, and scored easily on a bad throw by the Angel's first baseman. You'll see that play on SportsCenter tonight. The Red Sox have since opened the floodgates, scoring seven runs so far in the top of the eighth.