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Derek-Anderson-Watching Open Thread

It's Sunday, which means its our one day off, right?

Derek Anderson and the Browns are currently playing Tom Brady and the Patriots on CBS.

Derek isn't exactly having his best game thus far. He's currently 5-for-11 for 59 yards and two interceptions. The Browns are trailing 10-0.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez (via ESPN)

Update [2007-10-7 14:22:32 by Jake]: It has been brought to my attention that another OSU QB-- Matt Moore-- is in the game for the Panthers. David Carr went down with a back injury, and Matt Moore has already completed a 43 yard pass to Keary Colbert. It's halftime in New Orleans, and the game is tied 6-6.

And remember-- the Boston Red Sox travel to Los Angeles to play the Angels today in Game 3 of the ALDS. It is doubtful that Jacoby Ellsbury will be in the starting lineup, but it is a possibility. If he isn't, expect him to possibly play a situational role later in the game. More on the Red Sox later.