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Pac-10 Football :: Week 6

A look at games going on elsewhere in the Pac-10:

No. 18 Arizona State at Washington State

Last year, the Sun Devils went 7-6 on the season. This year, with Dennis Erickson, they're already 5-0. Granted, the tough part of their schedule is still ahead of them.

Washington State is 0-2 in the conference, losing to USC and Arizona. Arizona beat them 48-20 thanks to a high flying offense, but the Cougars won't be a pushover for the Sun Devils.

I'm taking Arizona State in this one.

Stanford at No. 2 USC

The Cardinal have to travel to Los Angeles, which removes any hope at all of a possible upset. Stanford only won a single game last year, and that was against Washington. USC beat Stanford 42-0 a year ago.

With the Trojans trying to earn back that No. 1 ranking, this one won't even be close. Southern Cal by a landslide.

Notre Dame at UCLA

Most years this is a good game, but the Beavers might even be able to beat Notre Dame this year. The Fighting Irish have only scored six touchdowns in five games-- two of those coming from their second string QB. By contrast, UCLA has 16 TD's on the season.

Notre Dame will probably keep it close for a little while, but expect UCLA to run away with this one.