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World Series Game 4 Open Thread

Thanks in part to Jacoby's 4-for-5 performance last night, the Red Sox lead the World Series three game to none. The Red Sox are looking for a win to wrap the series up, and the Rockies need to win four games in a row. Jacoby will lead off for the second game in a row in center field. David Ortiz will be starting at first base, Lowell at third, and Youkilis will start off on the bench, but I would expect to see him later in the game.

Top 1

Jacoby took the first pitch from Aaron Cook for a ball, and drilled the second pitch down the left field line for... guess what... a double! That's his third double in five at bats, and Jacoby is on second with Dustin Pedroia at the plate.

Pedrioa grounded out sofly to third base, and Jacoby, realizing that there was nobody on third, took the base, bringing Big Papi to the plate with one out.

Ortiz drove the first pitch he saw between the first and second baseman, allowing Jacoby to score easily from third. Just like that, it's 1-0 Red Sox.

End 2

Jacoby's run is still the only one of the game, and he's due up third in the top of the third.

Top 3

Julio Lugo led off with a to second base, and the pitcher, Jon Lester, grounded out to third base, bringing Jacoby to the plate to try and get something started.

He took the first pitch from Aaron Cook low and inside, and the second pitch outside. He swung at the third pitch, moving the count to 2-1, and grounded the ensuing pitch to the Colorado second baseman. He's 1-2 on the night with a double, and the Red Sox still lead 1-0.

Top 5

With two on, two out, and a run already in in the fifth, Jacoby struck out looking, on a pitch that probably would have been called a ball, low and inside. He's now 1-3 on the night, and the score is Boston 2, Colorado 0.

End 7

Both teams lead-off men homered to start their respective seventh innings, and the scoer is now Boston 3, Colorado 1

Top 7

Bobby Kielty started things off for the Red Sox in the top of the eighth with a home run, a pinch hit home run in place of the pitcher, Mike Timlin.

Jacoby comes to the plate with no outs, and hits a slow roller first past the pitcher, then the third baseman, and that's a base hit for the speedy Jacoby. He's now on first with Dustin Pedroia at the plate. Pedroia grounded into a beautifully turned double play, and now there are two outs with the bases empty for David Ortiz.

Bottom 9:

The Red Sox are three defensive outs away from a World Series, and the Rockies need one run to tie and two to win. Papelbon is on the mound.

Yorvit Torrealba grounded out to Dustin Pedroia for the first out, then Jamey Carrol flew out on a deep fly ball to Jacoby Ellsbury up against the wall.

Seth Smith comes to the plate, two outs, needing some sort of production to keep his team alive.

Smith strikes out, and the RED SOX ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS! And Jacoby is right there in the middle of it!

Feel free to join in the discussion in the thread below.