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World Series Game 1 Open Thread

Like I did with the latter half of the ALCS, we'll follow Jacoby through the World Series. He'll start in center tonight, but bat last.

I don't have time for a pitch by pitch breakdown of each of his at-bats, I'll just post the results here. This thread is more for discussion, since I realize you could go to any mainstream sports site and get this information just as easily. So please, speak up in the comment section.

Bottom 2

Strikeout swinging

Bottom 4


Bottom 5

Fielder's choice (bunt). Julio Lugo thrown out at second. Jacoby would score on a base hit by Kevin Youkilis. Boston leads 9-1.

Bottom 5

Yes, they batted around. Jacoby walked with the bases loaded, bringing in Jason Varitek from third.

Bottom 7

Jacoby grounds out into a force out (fielder's choice) again, and Lugo is thrown out at second. Jacoby isn't having a good night thus far, but the Red Sox are-- they lead 13-1.

Final Score: Boston 13, Colorado 1