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Update on the Injuries

I'll get Riley's full press conference up later tonight, but here's what he had to say about the injuries and absences, most importantly having to do with the Offensive Line.

On the situation with the offensive line

"Tavita Thompson has been ruled ineligible through NCAA rules, and will miss the remainder of the season. That was a definite blow to us, Tavita has been playing well, and with Jeremy Perry still missing that's two starters right there. Jeremy should be coming back soon; I do not think he will be ready for this week but he might be, at least in a backup role. Ryan Pohl will step in at left tackle, and then we will try and keep the rest intact. Andy Levitre went out of practice but he appears to be fine at this time so thank goodness for that. But we have had some misfortune in the offensive line and we have to overcome it."

On Roy Schuening's health

"He has been sick, but I think that as we go through the week I am anticipating Roy getting better each day."

On the bye week affecting the defense

"Keenan (Lewis) is running, I don't know that he will be able to play. Daniel Drayton I think is going to play, that would be the positive benefit of not having a game last week and being able to get ready for this one. I think that is good news."

Take what you wish from that...