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Oregon State's Offensive Line "A mess"

Paraphrased from Paul Buker's blog:

Left tackle Tavita Thompson hasn't practiced since the Cal game because of what Riley called "undisclosed reasons."

Right guard Roy Schuening missed Monday's practice at Prothro Field with an illness that might as serious as walking pneumonia.

Right tackle Andy LeVitre, limped off the field during Monday's practice with an undisclosed leg or knee injury.

And Jeremy Perry, who returned to practice this week, may not be in game shape by Saturday.

So here's what our O-Line from the beginning of the year looks like now. Understand, this could change from day to day.

Ryan Pohl, Marcus Henderson, and Gregg Peat could see a lot more action in Saturday's game if this keeps up.

Get all the details in Buker's Blog.