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Coco's knee "fine", Game 1 Starter still Undecided

The final out of Boston's 11-2 win last night came on a great catch by Coco Crisp in which he slammed into the center field wall. Coco was inserted into the game in center field for defensive reasons late in the game, and Jacoby Ellsbury was moved to left. In case you missed it, here's the catch, and the celebration:

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Crisp update: A day after center fielder Coco Crisp crashed into the right-center-field wall on the catch that gave the Red Sox the AL pennant, his knee was "fine."

"I believe so," Francona said. "I was real concerned. Everybody's jumping around, and it looked like it was certainly awkward, but he said he was fine."

It is still unclear who will start Game 1 of the World Series in Centerfield. Vote for your choice in the poll to your right.