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Red Sox, Ellsbury, Headed to the World Series

Jacoby went 1-for-3 tonight in his second post-season start for the Red Sox, but that wasn't the big story out of Boston.

The Red Sox are headed for the World Series.

With an 11-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians which was much closer than the score suggests, the Red Sox will be returning to the World Series for thei first time since they won in 2004.

In 2004, Jacoby was a college student at Oregon State.

The Series begins Wednesday in Boston. It is unclear at this point whether Terry Francona will start Jacoby Ellsbury or Coco Crisp in center field for Game 1. Jacoby made a strong case in the two games he started-- 6 and 7, but Coco is the man with the most experience. However, Jacoby is a threat every time he comes to the plate and gets on base, and opposing teams have a hard time figuring out what to do with him.

Either way, it should be a fun ride.