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ALCS Game 7 Open Thread

Just like last night, we'll follow Jacoby as he plays in Game 7 of the ALCS at Fenway Park. The first pitch between the Red Sox and Indians is scheduled for 5:23. See you then.

First Inning:

The Red Sox got the bats going in the first inning, loading the bases for JD Drew with one run already in. Now, if you remember from last night, JD is the one who hit the Grand Slam in the first inning to put the Red Sox up 4-0 early. They never looked back after that, by J.D. wouldn't be able to do that- he grounded into an inning ending double play. After 1, it's Boston 1, Cleveland 0. Jacoby is due up second in the bottom of the second.

Middle 2:

The Indians went down in order, and Jacoby is coming up right behind Jason Varitek in the bottom of the second.

Bottom 2

Jason Varitek started the inning off with a double of the top off the monster, bringing Jacoby to the plate with a runner in scoring position. Jacoby showed bunt on the first pitch, but took it for a strike low in the zone. The second pitch was outside for ball one, evening the count. Pitch three was taken for a strike, and the fourth pitch was a flare to the left of Cleveland Shortstop Jhonny Peralta for a base hit. Jason Varitek moved over the third, putting runners on the corners for Julio Lugo. He would hit into another big double play for the Indians, getting Jake Westbrook out of trouble. Jason Varitek scored on the play, but the Sox were hoping for more than one run after getting their first two batters on base. Dustin Pedroia would fly out to left fielder Kenny Lofton to end the inning, and after two, it's Boston 2, Cleveland 0.

Third Inning

The Red Sox put up one run for the third consecutive inning on Lowell's sac fly to right. In the bottom of the third, the Indians countered with a run of their own. Two doubles in the inning helped the Indians get their lone run, and after four and a half, it's Boston 3, Cleveland 1

Bottom Fourth:

Jason Varitek leads off the inning, with Jacoby in the on-deck circle. The Red Sox have got the lead-off man on every inning, and the've put up one run in every inning so far. Varitek singled through the left side to start things off, bringing Jacoby to the plate with a man on first and no outs.

Jacoby, with a hit on the night, comes to the plate to face Jake Westbrook. The first pitch was taken for a ball. The second pitch was crushed down the first base line, but Ryan Garko got his glove on the ball to stop a sure double. Garko threw to second to get the force on Varitek, but Jacoby is on base with one out.

The 0-1 pitch to Julio Lugo was hit softly towards second. With Jacoby stealing on the play, the Cleveland second baseman was headed to cover second. His momentum towards second didn't allow him to change directions fast enough to get a glove on the ball, causing the ball to trickle into center field. Jacoby advanced to third on the play, bringing the top of the order to the plate.

Westbrook got another huge inning ending double play off the bat of Pedroia, the third double play of the night for Cleveland. Jacoby was left stranded at third, and for the first time of the game the Red Sox couldn't get a run across in the fourth. After four, it's still Boston 3, Cleveland 1.

Fifth, Top Sixth

The Indians scored once more in the top of the fifth on a sacrafice fly off the bat of Grady Sizemore hit to Jacoby Ellsbury. With that run, the Indians pull within a run. Through five and a half, it's Boston 3, Cleveland 2. It's anybody's game. Jacoby is due up fourth in the sixth.

End Sixth:

The Red Sox went down in order in the bottom of the sixth, and Jake Westbrook has struck out four of the last six Boston batters. Jacoby will lead off the bottom of the seventh for the Red Sox.

Top Seventh:

Cleveland had a sure chance to score when Franklin Gutierrez singled done the third base line. Kenny Lofton appeared to have plenty of time to make it home, or at least make it a close play at the plate, but he was held up at third base. The Red Sox get out of the inning with a double play, and that coaching decision could be a costly mistake for the Indians. Jacoby will lead off the bottom of he seventh for Boston.

Bottom Seventh:

Jacoby's first pitch from Rafael Betancourt was taken for a strike down the middle, as was the second pitch. The third pitch was just barely outside for ball one. The fourth pitch was fouled off into the third base bleachers, keeping the count at 1-2. The fifth pitch was hit down the third base line at Casey Blake. Casey took the ball off the tip of his glove, and Jacoby walked into second. He's 1-3, but he's been on base each time. One hit, one fielder's choice, and one error.

Julio Lugo bunted Jacoby to third, bringing up the top of the order. Second baseman Dustin Pedroia drilled the second pitch he saw from Westbrook high and deep over the Green Monster for a two run shot, and just like that, it's Boston 5, Cleveland 2.

Top Eight

Hideki Okajima got into a jam in the eighth, and Boston's beastly closer Jonathan Papelbon slammed the door on any chances the Indians had of scoring in the eighth. They'll have to get it done in the Top of the ninth, and they'll have to come back from a deficit of at least three. Jacoby is due up fifth in the bottom of the eighth.

Bottom Eight

After a double by Lowell, a single by J.D. Drew, and a ground-rule double, the Indians intentionally walk Ellsbury to pitch to Boston Shortstop Julio Lugo. Julio has the lowest average-- .208-- on the team for this series. Anywho, the bases are loaded for Lugo...

Lugo would strike out, but Dustin Pedroia, who delivered with a two run homer in his last at-bat, would clear the bases with a three-run double. That puts the Red Sox up by seven, and with Kevin Youkilis coming to the plate and Cleveland going deeper into their bullpen, the Red Sox are very much in control.

They call him YOOOUK for a reason... he belts one off the Coke bottle in DEEP left field, and the Red Sox are now up nine!

Bottom Nine:

Kenny Lofton flied out to Jacoby, who made a great sliding catch for the first out. Franklin Gutierrez flew out to Coco Crisp (who was playing center, Jacoby was in left) for the second out, then Coco made another great catch, running into the wall in center field, retiring Casey Blake and earning the win. Great win for the Red Sox, and we'll see them again in the World Series.

Jacoby finished the game 1-for-3 with two runs and a walk. He got on base every time he came to the plate. The second time by way of a fielder's choice, and the third time on an error by Cleveland's Casey Blake.

It's on to the World Series for Jacoby and the Red Sox!

Final Score: Boston 11, Cleveland 2