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ALCS Game 6 Open Thread

Since it's bye weekend and we don't have a game to talk about, let's all watch Jacoby Ellsbury and the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS tonight.

Jacoby will be making the start in center field, and we can only hope for a good game from the 24 year old tonight.

Exit Coco, Enter Jacoby
AP Photo/Elise Amendola (via ESPN)

Bottom 1, 5:58

With four runs already in on the inning thanks to a J.D. Drew Grand Slam, Jacoby comes the plate with two outs after a walk by Jason Varitek. The first pitch of Jacoby's at-bat was low and inside for ball one. The second pitch was right down the pipe, evening the count to 1-and-1. The third pitch was chopped back to the pitcher by Jacoby, and he was thrown out at first by pitcher Fausto Carmona.

Bottom 3, 6:44

With runners on the corners and one out, Jacoby comes to the plate with Rafael Perez on the mound. The first pitch was high for ball one. The second pitch was blooped into left field for a base hit, driving in Mike Lowell from third. 6-1 Red Sox, and Jacoby is already making an impact!

Jacoby would wind up scoring from first(!) on a 2-RBI double by Julio Lugo. With one out in the bottom of the third, it's Boston 8, and Cleveland 1.

Bottom 4, 7:16

JD Drew and Jason Varitek both flied out to start the inning, bringing Jacoby to the plate with two outs. The first pitch from Cleveland pitcher Aaron Laffey was called for strike one. The second pitch was inside, almost getting a piece of Jacoby's jersey. Jacoby drilled the third pitch into the right centerfield gap, but was robbed by Cleveland center fielder Grady Sizemore. That ball had triple written all over it, but Sizemore made a great play to take away a hit.

Heading into the fifth, it's Boston 10, Cleveland 1.

Middle 7

After Jacoby missed a tough catch in center field and Ryan Garko got a triple as a result of it, the Indians put one one across in the top of the seventh. Jacoby is due up second in the bottom of the seventh.

Bottom 7, 8:03

Jason Veritek flew out to Grady Sizemore to start the inning, and Jacoby comes up to the plate with one out. The first pitch from Aaron Laffey was called a strike on the outside half of the plate. Jacoby swung and missed at the second pitch for strike two, and missed again on a pitch on the outside half for strike three. Heading into the Top of the 8th, it's Boston 10, Cleveland 2.

Bottom 8, 8:26

With the bases loaded and two outs, Jacoby comes to the plate. He takes the first pitch from Joe Borowski and bloops it to shortstop Jhonny Peralta. The Red Sox come away with two runs hoever, and now lead by ten runs.

Top 9/Final

Eric Gagne is on in relief to close out the game, and with two outs, this one is almost over. Ryan Garko grounds out to third baseman Mike Lowell, and this one is over! Tomorrow it's Jake Westbrook versus Daisuke Matsuzaka in Game 7 of the ALCS. One would only assume that Jacoby will get the start again in center field, but we'll deal with that question tomorrow.

Feel free to chime in below in the comment thread on the performance of Jacoby Ellsbury and the Red Sox.

Go Red Sox!