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Saturday Morning News and Notes

The Bye Week Reviews will continue throughout this week as the Beavers prepare for Stanford. Just a couple notes before the we get to caught up in this week's action.

The Beavers are enjoying a week off while the Northwest gets pounded with rain, but there are still some good match-ups going on around the country. A Pac-10 preview will come within the hour, but the most exciting match-up of the day will be Oregon at Washington. The Ducks are plagued with injuries, (and suspensions) and the Huskies are definitely not a team to overlook.

 Rumors have been spreading for the last two days that Jacoby will replace Coco Crisp in center field for tonight's Game 6 of the ALCS. Coco Crisp is batting .143 (3 for 21) in this series, and was 0-for-Cleveland, going hitless in his last 12 at-bats. I'll keep an eye out on this situation throughout the day, and when Terry Francona publicly makes an announcement, I'll let you know.