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BlogPoll Week 5 DRAFT :: Let's Get Things Straight

Last week, I was unhappy with my prior ballot, so I threw it out and started fresh. This week, there are still many major fluctuations, and that is due in part to the number of upsets that occurred this weekend, and my ever changing mind.

I forgot Ohio State in the poll last week, (oops) so that's why they have a delta of 22. Really, that's more like three or four.

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 1
2 Southern Cal 1
3 California 3
4 Ohio State 22
5 Boston College 2
6 South Florida 16
7 Kentucky 4
8 Wisconsin 2
9 Cincinnati 10
10 Florida 6
11 Oregon 2
12 South Carolina 2
13 Oklahoma 10
14 Arizona State 4
15 Georgia 11
16 Texas 8
17 Missouri 2
18 West Virginia 13
19 Kansas State 7
20 Hawaii 3
21 Florida State 5
22 Virginia Tech 2
23 Rutgers 10
24 UCLA 3
25 Clemson 13

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#16), Penn State (#17), Purdue (#20).

Some quick notes on my Top 10:

LSU - LSU may not have the strongest schedule to this point, but they're the best team in the NCAA right now. That could all change this week, as they have a real test waiting in the Florida Gators this week.

USC - They barely beat Washington State, Stanford is next. Uh-oh.

Cal - Snuck out with win over Oregon, good chance against Trojans in a few weeks.

Ohio State - Haven't had a tough win yet

Boston College - Survived a scare against Massachusetts, Army this week.

South Florida - USF cracks my Top 10 with a huge upset of West Virginia.

Kentucky - UK QB Andre Woodson threw 5 touchdowns, but ended his interception streak at 325 completions.

Wisconsin - They haven't lost in 14 games

Cincinnati - The Bearcats continue to roll. Ben Mauk threw 4 TD's.... in the second quarter... The Bearacts will get some decent competition this week as they travel to New Jersey to play Rutgers, a team fresh off a loss to Maryland.

Florida - In the first home loss for Urban Meyer, the Gators went down on a last second 43 yard field goal by Auburn's Wes Bynum.

If I feel the need to make changes, a revised poll will appear in this space within 24 hours.

GO BEAVERS! May they one day crack this poll again.