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Oregon State wins an SI "Monday Award"

Not that it means much, but Oregon State has been selected the "Team of the Week" as selected by Jacob E. Osterhout over at Sports Illustrated.

Writes Jacob:

Team of the Week:

I will not give this award to a team that knocked off the No. 1 squad in the country. I did that last week. Sorry, Kentucky. I'm not saying you don't deserve it; I'm just not giving it to you. Instead, I'm going with Oregon State, a team that was 1-2 in the Pac-10 before marching down to Berkley and beating Cal, 31-28. OK, so Cal kind of helped by beating themselves, but look at it this way, the Beavers have not lost in Berkley since 1997. I'll drink to that.

I'm sure we'd all drink to that.