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Bye Week Reviews :: Quarterbacks

As promised, our positional reviews start today with the Quarterbacks.

Through 7 games, Sean Canfield has taken most of the snaps, with the exception of a few quarters here and there by Lyle Moevao. Lyle and Sean were both given an equal look in camp, and both got an equal look in the Utah game. After watching both these guys play, it became apparent that Canfield was the guy most suitable to lead this team. In the first few games, things were a little shaky. But Sean's performance against Cal could be a sign of things to come.

To this point, Canfield has 226 attempts, Moevao 48, and Gunderson 3. A look at that in chart form below:

A look at their stats:

  Name G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att Int TD Yards/G
1 Sean Canfield 7 226 132 58.4 1366 6.0 13 7 195.1
2 Lyle Moevao 4 48 27 56.3 280 5.8 4 0 70.0
3 Ryan Gunderson 2 3 2 66.7 9 3.0 0 0 4.5
  Total 7 277 161 58.1 1655 6.0 17 7 236.4

The stat that is killing Canfield right now is interceptions. He no longer leads the nation in picks, (He's in second place now) but it continues to be a killer game after game. He showed good decision making in Berkley, but will that hold up for the remainder of the season? He's racking up an average of 195 yards per game, probably thanks to the Idaho State game which is tipping the scale.

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