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Beavers add Transfer from Kansas

As we surf in a sea of bad omens surrounding our basketball program, we get a sliver of good news today, with the addition of Kansas transfer C.J. Giles.

Beaver Nation, meet C.J. (33)

Look, he can D-up a NBA Player

Supposedly, he's a 6-11 baller from Seattle. Rainier Beach High School, to be exact. He played two years with Kansas, averaging about 6 points a game in 17 minutes. He started his sophomore year at Kansas, so who knows what he could do at Oregon State, a team which us currently about seven and a half times as worse as Kansas is now.

You've gotta like this quote from C.J.:

Said Giles: "The main thing I want to do here at Oregon State is graduate, and the second thing I want to do is help change the program and get it winning like the old days. When I visited OSU, from the players to coaches to the students, it felt like home. They greeted me with open arms. I'm very thankful for this opportunity. I was young and immature at Kansas. Now I'm here and I'm going to grow up. People grow from their mistakes. I have learned to look at the big picture and I'm going to do all the little things to succeed. The things that got me into trouble in Lawrence, I've learned from that and I know what I need to change."

We'll see. We've got a little less than a year to wait and see how this endeavor turns out. He becomes eligible December 7th. 11. Long. Months.

Go Beavers!