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Double Doozy Weekend in Corvallis

Yes, I checked. Doozy is a word.

So, gosh. Where do I begin?

The 15 point loss to the (then) top ranked team in the nation? Or the (punches 91-46 into calculator) 45 point loss to USC, who just effectively routed both it's Oregonian Pac-10 amigos.  

If you go to and look at the "Game Flow" for both of these games, it's kind of ugly. Quite disgusting, really. Here's what it looks like:

In a good game, like, for example, last night's battle between Washington State and Arizona, the game flow might look something like this:

You get my point. It's hard to win a game when you're down by 50. It's hard to keep fans in the building when you're down by 50. And it's hard to keep the viewers when you're down by 50.

Something isn't right here. Everything seems to be going our way, we have a toast over 2006, and the great year that it was, and then we are forced to focus on the the aching sore that is our Men's Basketball program.

Heck, what is wrong? What happened? Our Baseball program wins the NCAA championship. Our football programs transforms from a Pac-10 bottom dweller to the premier team in Oregon in less than three months. Quite frankly, I don't see anything like that happening with the basketball team.

So, as Beaver fans, since we're still going to need something to do over the next few months until baseball season, lets put together a list for our basketball fellas of what not to do:

  • Don't get beat by 45 again. Please.
  • You can't win games if your highest scorer brings in 10 points. Coming off the bench. And you've got to shoot better than 33%.
  • Something's gotta change with our rebounding game. USC got 36 rebounds. We got 18.
  • Speaking of field goal percentage, we're shooting a cumulative 46.8%. That ranks us a solid 258th in the nation. Also not a good sign if teams like Niagra, Virginia Military Institution, Delaware state, Central Conecticut, and IUPUI (no idea...) are ahead of you in the Field Goal Percentage category.

On a serious note, while USC was having a good ol' time dismantling the rims at Gill yesterday, investigators found out that the body of USC Trojan kicker Mario Danelo was found at the bottom of the cliff. More on the whole incident here.

Go Beavers!