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BTD joins up with

As we continue to watch in astonishment as basketball season unfolds, we have an exciting announcement to make. now offers its services to College Hoops fans, and Building the Dam is teaming up with ProTrade to deliver sports fans with a relishable experience. Previously, ProTrade offered users to buy and sell stock in NFL, NBA and MLB players. I'll admit-- I'm not a huge fan of professional sports at all, so when ProTrade first launched, I kept track of my shares for about a week, then lost interest. Now, with the addition of College Hoops to ProTrade, us die hard college fans will have something to do in our free time. If you're a College Football guy, don't like college sports, or know little about college basketball, you can still have fun on ProTrade. Here's why:

You can view the Beavers' team page here. Using the "Predict a Price" gadget you see half way down the page, you can enter some variables to see what you think a particular team (in this case OSU) is worth. You enter how many regular season wins you think the team will have, followed by post season wins, and so on. Finish with that and ProTrade will generate a price. If the price you predict is higher than what the team is being offered at, you should buy. If your price is lower than the offered price, common sense would be to sell your stock if you have any. If you don't, just stay clear of that particular team for awhile.

I'm not particularly fond of making predictions, but if I were to make my guess for how the Beavers are going to come out this year, I would conservatively say:

9 Division 1 Regular Season Wins (The win over WOU doesn't count, ProTrade only tracks D-I games. For those of you still confused, that means [conservatively] I think we're going to win one more game.)
0 Pac-10 Tourney Wins
...and that's about it.

Hit the equals button, and out pops the amount $27.00. Since the current market price of the Beavers is $32.99, looks like I would stay clear of them for awhile. How long? Who knows. At this rate, could be years, but that's another story for another day.

At any rate, we encourage you to toy around with this. While you're there, check out what ProTrade has to offer for other sports if MLB, NBA, or the NFL is up your alley.

If you're a fan of graphs, here's a not-so-appealing look at what the Beavers' stock price has done on ProTrade in the last week or so.


Go Beavers!