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Beavers Picked to Finish Second in Pac-10

It was Oregon State and Arizona State battling for the number one ranking in the Pac-10 Preseason Coaches Poll, and Arizona State edged the Beavers by a mere two votes. Oregon State, Arizona State, UCLA and Stanford were the four teams from the Pac-10 made it to the post season last year. That was the 10th consecutive time the Pac-10 has put four teams into the post season.

Pac -10 Preseason Coaches Poll

# School Points
1 Arizona State (4) 57
2 Oregon State (3) 55
3 Stanford (2) 51
4 UCLA 44
5 Arizona 42
6 USC 27
7 California 17
8 Washington State 16
9 Washington 15

Oregon State ended the year ranked No.1 in almost every imaginable poll, but the pollsters aren't giving the young Beavers very much luck this time around. They're ranked 41st in Baseball America's Preseason Rankings, but has them at No. 14.

My general assumption is that it's going to take a few games to see what this team has and how well the new guys gel together; then we will all be more clear on what to expect for the season.

Go Beavers!