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Washington 91, Oregon State 74

Another game, another loss. Watching the Beavers deteriorate in the second half just hammered home to me how bad of a second half team we are. We can play one decent half of basketball per game, but after that, the game is practically over. We lack leadership to play good basketball for 40 minutes.

Time and time again, the Beavers get outplayed in the second half. They were up 5 on Stanford at the half last week, but got outscored by 16 in the second half.

(AP Photo/Joe Nicholson)

Brockman had a great night, matching his career high of 25 points. He also had 8 rebounds.

For the Beavers, it was good to see Josh Tarver and Marcel Jones put up strong performances. Josh was the leading scorer for OSU with 20 points, shoting 8 for 13 from the field. Jeffers put up 14, going 7 for 8, an almost unheard of percentage for the Beavers.

Speaking of percentages, the Beavers didn't shoot all that bad against the Huskies. They shot 52.8% compared to the Huskies' 52.5%; the first time in a long time I can actually remember the Beavers shooting a better field goal percentage than their opponents. It was the third best shooting night the Beavers have had all year.

Our next game is Thursday at USC. Let's not get beat by 45 again.

Go Beavers!