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Washington State 70, Oregon State 55

We keep talking about it over, and over, and over again. Shooting. It's arguably the most important part of the game of basketball. If you can't make baskets, you're not going to get points. If you don't get points, you're going to have a hard time winning ball games. It's as simple as that.

(AP Photo/Kody Whiteaker)

Last night Oregon State shot 22 of 61, a whopping 36 percent. Compare all the games together, and last night was our forth worst shooting night of the year. To add to the woes, we shot 31% from the line, and 25% from behind the arc.

Last night's win guaranteed a winning season for the Cougars, and put the Beavers to 0-6 against ranked teams this year.

Sasa Cuic had 17 points to lead the Beavers, followed by Marcell Jones with 14.

The Beavers will be back in action tomorrow night against the Huskies, a team that knocked off the short handed Ducks last night in Seattle. They've had some difficulties this year, but with last night's victory over Oregon, we know that Washington is capable of anything.

More on that game coming later.

Go Beavers!