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Stanford 67, Oregon State 56



Stanford at Oregon State



Oregon State


Another tough loss.


We found out early that we could play with these guys, and for awhile there we were playing some of our best basketball we've played in the last few games at least, let alone more than that. Guys were making plays, we were creating turnovers, and for some of the game we were out-rebounding the snot out of Stanford. Then again, there were some parts of the game when they were out-rebounding the snot out of us. But as I review this game, it's a game the Beavers definitely should of won. We flat out outplayed Stanford. We forced 18 turnovers. They forced 5. This created a ton of extra possessions for the Beavers. Problem was, we couldn't convert.


The Beavers took 61 shots from the floor. Stanford took 38. Do the math, that means we took 23 more shots than Stanford did. Problem was, Stanford was shooting 55%, we were shooting 37%.  This has been an ongoing problem... We're just not making baskets. Our free throw percentage was outrageous this game as well-- 55 percent. Compare that to Stanford's 72% and there's another reason we lost the game.


Now, for the reviews:


Marcel Jones: 20 points (9-20) 8 Rebounds, and 2 Fouls in 34 minutes.

Marcel stepped up and had another big game, knocking down several big threes along the way to a 20 point night. Marcel was also the one that missed the dunk and got T'd up on a questionable call for hanging on the rim.


Roeland Schaftenaar: 3 points (1-7) 2 Rebounds and 2 Fouls in 31 minutes.

Schaftenaar did a good job stepping up into a starting role in the absence of Sasa Cuic. He hit a big three for his only score of the night, but he needs to work on his consistency. He has the potential to be a great player. He has the size and the ability to get to the basket, he just needs to work on finishing. He's not the only one, our entire team is suffering from clank-off-the-rim-itis right now.


Kyle Jeffers: 14 points (6-11) 5 Rebounds and 2 Fouls in 33 minutes.

Kyle had a monster game, right when we needed it most. Coming into tonight's game, Kyle was getting an average of three shots per game so far in the Pac-10 season. It was nice to see him be more aggressive, and hopefully he can keep up the trend as we head towards the second half of Pac-10 play.


Josh Tarver: 8 points (3-11) 2 Rebounds, 5 Assists, and 3 Fouls in 34 minutes.

We've said it time and time again, but Josh still needs to knock more shots down. 3-11 isn't necessarily what we need from our point guard.


Jack McGillis: 3 points (1-4) 2 Rebounds, 1 Assist, and 3 Fouls in 28 minutes.

Jack did a good job of guarding Lawrence Hill, and he did it for most of the game. McGillis also got his second career start tonight- starting for the bruised Wesley Washington.


Calvin Hampton: 3 points (1-1) 1 Rebound and 1 Foul in 5 minutes.

It seems like Calvin played for a lot longer than 5 minutes. He did get into the game early in the first half, so maybe that's why it seems like Calvin got extended minutes. Calvin is going to be a good player, I can already tell.


Angelo Tsagarakis: 5 points (2-4)

Angelo was the one that hit the big three when the game was tied at 40 early on in the second half. I called it, look in the open thread.


Wesley Washington: 0 points (0-3) 2 Rebounds, 3 Assists, and 2 Fouls in 17 minutes.

Wesley did something to his wrist when he got hammered on the fast break in Thursday's loss to Cal, but he still got some good playing time. He was playing especially unselfish tonight, and it shows with the 3 assists he got in his 17 minutes.


Michael Johnson: 0 points (0-0) 1 Rebound, 1 Assist, and 1 Foul in 9 minutes.

Another guy that stepped up to more minutes than he's used to. Michael is going to be a very talented player as well.


Next game is against Washington State on Friday. They're fresh off a 75-47 butt whipping of the Huskies. Not exactly looking forward to that game, but we'll talk about all this later.


Go Beavs!