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The Orange Bowl

Louisville vs. Wake Forest


In one of the greatest XBox upsets of all time that Lee Corso didn't correctly predict, Wake Forest won, 28-14. Surprising, considering Wake Forest was unranked in this XBox game, and Lousiville was #7.

My Thoughts

Another interesting match up. I don't think it can top what went down last night, but, you never know. The Bowls just keep getting better.

Louisville's Quarterback, Brian Brohm, has been leading Louisville to glory for several years now. Wake Forest's Quarterback, Riley Skinner, is a red shirt freshman. Brohm has battled injuries over the last few seasons, and injuries have played a crucial role in Skinner's season too. That is, the season ending injury to starter Ben Mauk.

However the cookie crumbles, we should still be in for a great game tonight. I have a feeling that if somebody's going to run away with this one, it's going to be Louisville, but like I said, we learned last night that anything can happen.

The Orange Bowl
BuildingTheDam XBox Simulation Coin Toss


Here's for another exciting game!