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California 77, Oregon State 74

Hate to lose games like this.

What I don't understand is, with about 0:17 left down by 3, why didn't we go for a three point basket to tie, rather than a quick lay in, and still be down by 1? This forced us to have to foul Cal again, and after they made both of their free throws (they only missed 3 all game) The Beavers were faced with the same exact situation, but now with under 10 seconds on the clock. Jack McGillis had a chance to tie it, and he could have, if there would of been more time on the clock.

But holy cow. We need to make more free throws. We were 12-22. Fifty-Five Percent. Missed ten. The Bears? 17-20, 85%. Missed three. Now, the Bears are among the top 5 free throw shooting teams in the nation, but that doesn't mean we need to shoot 55% every game. Oregon State ranks over 300th in the nation in free throw shooting. That could use some improvement.

Marcel Jones: 29 Points (10-15) 3 Rebounds, 3 Assists, and 4 Fouls in 29 minutes.

Marcel had a monster second half, right when we needed it. In the first half, he scored the first six points of the game for the Beavers, but then only scored two more the entire first half. He hit that clutch three off the steal right at the wire that gave the Beavers a chance to tie.


Sasa Cuic: 15 Points (5-9) 1 Rebound, 1 Assist, and 1 Foul in 28 minutes.

Sasa's numbers were almost the opposite of Marcel's: He had nearly all his points in the first half. Cuic was 2-3 on 3 pointers at Halftime, and racked up 13 total points. He would only get one more basket the entire game. Also, I was noticing that Sasa was doing a really good job guarding Ryan Anderson in the first half, who scored 22 points for the Bears.


Kyle Jeffers: 4 Points (2-3) 4 Rebounds and 2 Fouls in 15 minutes.

A quiet night for Jeffers. He didn't get that many minutes, but managed four points (and two missed free throws) in his time on the floor.


Josh Tarver: 7 Points (3-10) 2 Rebounds, 4 Assists, and 4 Fouls in 24 minutes.

I know Josh is only a freshman, but he needs to improve his shooting. He's only shooting 37% on the year, and shot 30% in last night's game. My point being... we need a point guard that can knock down big shots, and Tarver just isn't hitting them right now.


Wesley Washington: 5 Points (2-3) 6 Rebounds, 5 Assists, and 4 Fouls in 33 minutes.

Wesley had a beastly game last night, even though it may not be reflected in the box score. The only shot he attempted in the first half was a breakaway layup, on which he got hammered and had to sit out a few minutes. He was fouled, so it technically isn't a shot, but still. He also had a key shot down the stretch to help the Beavs.


Jack McGillis: 8 Points (3-7) 4 Rebounds and 2 Fouls in 30 minutes.

Not only did Jack take the shot that potentially could of tied the game, he hit another big three down the stretch to help bring Oregon State back.



Angelo Tsagarakis: 3 Points (1-3) 1 Assist in 22 minutes.

Schaftanaar: 3 Points (1-1) and 1 Rebound in 8 minutes.

Michael Johnson: 3 Minutes.

Seth Tarver: 2 Minutes.


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