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BTD's 1st Annual Bowl Prediction Challenge/ Bowl Recap Banquet (Part II)

Here we go with Day 2 of the Bowl Prediction Challenge/ Bowl Recap Banquet.

For clarification, all bowls are still worth one point in the contest. Once we get to the New Year's Day Bowls (i.e. Outback, Cotton, Gator) they'll be worth 2 points, then the four BCS Bowls worth 5 points, and the National Championship worth 10 points.

On with the show...

Today's Bowls:

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

Arizona State

(7-6, 4-5 Pac-10)

3 7 0 14 24

Hawaii " 

(11-3, 7-1 WAC)

0 3 21 17 41

Well, I told you yesterday that I had a problem with teams playing a bowl that has the same name as their school, but I think we can all agree no matter where this one was played, Hawaii was still going to have their way with Arizona State. Give Arizona State a few years, and they'll be a tough team to beat with Erickson at the helm. Oregon State plays at Arizona State in their first conference game of '07.

The Motor City Bowl

Final 1 2 3 4 T

Middle Tennessee State

(7-6, 6-1 Sun Belt)

0 7 0 7 14

Central Michigan " 

(10-4, 7-1 MAC)

14 7 7 3 31

I couldn't remember watching this one until I saw that Central Michigan's mascot is the Chippewa, then it all came flooding back.  By the looks of things, it seemed like CMU was in a pinch because their head coach left for Cincinnati a few weeks before the bowl game, but they didn't have any problems.

The Emerald Bowl

Final 1 2 3 4 T

Florida State "

(7-6, 3-5 ACC)

7 6 10 21 44


(7-6, 5-4 Pac-10)

10 10 7 0 27

The Emerald Bowl... aka... Pac-10 massacre #3. The game looked promising for the Bruins up until halftime, but it's hard to win games when you're outscored by 21 points in the fourth quarter. FSU iced the game with a 86 yard interception with about 5 minutes to go.

The PetroSun Independence Bowl

Final 1 2 3 4 T

Oklahoma State "

(7-6, 3-5 Big 12)

7 17 0 10 34


(6-7, 2-6 SEC)

7 7 3 14 31

This was definitely the best bowl game at the time it was played. If I remember correctly, Oklahoma State scored early in the fourth, then 'Bama went 3-and-out, had to punt to OK State, then OK State went 3-and-out, and Alabama returned the punt for a TD. Then, on the kick off, the Oklahoma State returner fumbled the ball, and Alabama recovered somewhere near the 20. Then, I think Alabama pulled some sort of tackle eligible pass for the touchdown.

However, it wasn't good enough, as OK State kicker Jason Ricks kicked a 27 yard field goal with 0:08 left to win the game.

The PacificLife Holiday Bowl

Final 1 2 3 4 T

Texas A&M

(9-4, 5-3 Big East)

7 3 0 0 10

(14) California "

(10-3, 7-2 Pac-10)

7 7 14 17 45

Well, not much to say here other than the Pac-10 finally got a win in convincing fashion. A&M got the early lead but Cal powered back behind the legs of Justin Forsett (124 yards) and Marshawn Lynch (111 yards), as well as the arm of Nate Longshore. He was 19 of 24 for 235 yards.


Results :: Through 11 Bowls





(Inanimate Object)

9 5 7

+1 Hawaii Bowl

+1 Motor City Bowl

+1 Independence Bowl

+1 Holiday Bowl

+1 Motor City Bowl

+1 Emerald

+1 Holiday Bowl

+1 Emerald Bowl

+1 Holiday Bowl

Not a good showing by the two underdogs, XBox and coin. Somewhere, Jake is grinning.

This concludes the second of five installments. Stay tuned for Round 3, coming tomorrow.