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Oregon State 67, Arizona State 59


Oregon State

Oregon State at Arizona State



Arizona State

It's been a crazy weekend for me so far, so the thread didn't make it up in time for this game. I don't even think this game was televised (makes sense, neither team had a Pac-10 win) so I didn't get to watch it either.

Still, it's a game we needed to win. It's always good to get a win on the road, especially after we dropped our first four conference games.

Arizona State has a tough road ahead of them, with UCLA, USC, Arizona, Washington and Washington State on their horizon. The Beavers have a somewhat lighter next five games, including the likes of Cal, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, and then a trip to USC. Still, they're going to be tough games.

This Oregon State team needs to come up with some big wins, and they need to do it soon. As I've talked about before, they are winning the games they're supposed to win, and losing the games they're supposed to lose. Which, there's nothing wrong with, but if you're the second worst team in the Pac-10, you're going to stay at the bottom if a trend like that continues.

The Beavers will be back in action on Thursday when they play Cal. We're working getting Tightwad Hill up in here for some friendly Q&A.