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Oregon State 2007 Schedule

There has been some buzz in the papers and such the last few week's regarding Oregon State's schedule for next season. There have been some rumors regarding playing at Cincinnati the first week and hosting Idaho State the second week. We'll post those changes to the schedule below when they become official.

2007 Oregon State Football Schedule

Date Opponent
Aug. 30 Utah
Sept. 6 at Cincinatti
Sept. 15 Idaho State
Sept. 22 at Arizona State
Sept. 29 UCLA
Oct. 6 Arizona
Oct. 13 at Cal
Oct. 20 at Washington State
Oct. 27 Stanford
Nov. 3 at USC
Nov. 10 Washington
Nov. 17 Bye
Nov. 24 at Oregon

The first thing I notice is that our bye is the second to last week of the season, right before the Civil War. I think thats a good place to get a week off from games, but that also means we have 8 conference games in a row without a break.

Your thoughts on the schedule can go below.

Go Beavers!