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The Fiesta Bowl

Boise State vs. Oklahoma


Not much to say here. Oklahoma rolls, 49-28.

My Thoughts

This should definitely be a delightfully interesting matchup. Boise State is trying to gain some National respect, and they'll have their hands full trying to earn it against Oklahoma.

As a Beaver fan, we should definitely all be rooting for the Broncos', because, see, we could write the September 7th butt-whipping off on our taxes.

"See coach, we could of beat them anyway, they won a BCS Bowl, they're too good for us!"

Well, that excuse wouldn't work, we beat USC. But notice, I never said that USC would win a BCS bowl.

The most intriguing match up of the night will be Boise State's Ian Johnson vs. Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson. You, er, may remember what Ian Johnson did to the Beavers, but if you're one of the lucky one's that has forgotten that night, do not read the next sentence. He scored 5 touchdowns against our defense. The team that establishes the best running attack will probably take this one, and America can only hope it's Boise State.

The Fiesta Bowl
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