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The Rose Bowl

Michigan vs. Southern Cal


Michigan found themselves down 14-3 with 2:43 left in the game. They had the ball and drove to near midfield, when Chad Henne completed a 54 yard post route to  Mario Manningham over the middle. They went for two, and Henne completed a pass to his tight end to bring the score to 14-11, in favor of USC.

Michigan kicked it deep, and USC brought it out to their 27. They proceeded to go three and out, forcing a punt on 4th and 1. Like idiots, Michigan gets an offsides call on the punt, giving USC a free first down with around 1:45 to go. All Michigan could do at this point was play defense and use their timeouts, and that's what they did. They forced USC into another 3 and out, this time not getting called for offsides, and getting the ball at their 15. Henne completed 4 or 5 very quick out passes in a row, all for first downs, moving the Wolverines to around midfield.  After a few deeper passes, Michigan scored on a swing pass to Mike Hart, their RB, giving Michigan the lead (18-14) with 0:28 seconds left.

After a less than spectacular kickoff return, John David Booty competed two quick outs in a row, moving the ball to the USC's own 40. With 0:20 seconds left, all USC could do was throw it deep.

Much like the Sun Bowl simulation, John David Booty's hail mary pass was tipped by a Michigan defender, right into the hands of Steve Smith. This put the ball at Michigan's 11, 0:15 seconds left. On first down, John David Booty threw an incompletion, but only 3 seconds ticked off, the clock now down to 0:12. On second down he was sacked, and hurried the troops back to the line to spike the ball with 0:02 left. From the 13, USC ran Dwayne Jarrett on a out pattern. He caught the ball at the 3, with two Michigan defenders in coverage. The Michigan safety, who could of driven Jarrett out of bounds to end the game, whiffed. Jarrett pulled a nifty spin move, made the other guy whiff, and walked into the end zone. Game over, USC 20, Michigan 18.

Note to USC fans: Don't get too excited. It's just a video game. ;)

My Thoughts

If USC had done one thing this season, they have proven their superiority over lots of teams in the nation, (except for *cough* Oregon State, UCLA, and ¿Michigan?) even in a "rebuilding year." The fact of the matter is, as of right now, USC doesn't have an up-to-par running game. No combination of Chauncey Washington, Emmanuel Moody and C.J. Gable- in their various stages of injured-ness, *another cough* fumble-prone-ness, and lack-of-experience-ness- will compare to what the Trojan's rushing attack looked like in previous years. Besides, Michigan has gotta have one of the best run defenses around. The Trojans do pack a punch in the passing game, but you're not going to win a BCS bowl being one dementional. Unless, you have Vince Young on your team.

This game is going to be close however you want to look at it, but I expect Big Blue to roll.

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