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Boise State Broncos: The Aftermath

Oregon State Beavers Boise State Broncos

14 Final 42
35 Prediction 28
58 Rushing Yards 302
205 Passing Yards 105

The game may be over, but the dust in Boise hasn't settled over this one yet. Boise has been known for its bad air quality, and the Beavers may as well use that fact to form some kind of excuse.

Sure, everyone can look good against D1-AA opponents. Everyone can make their fans look forward to the season with a blowout pre-season game with guys making plays left and right.

But when you go to play a team like, say, Boise State your second game of the year, you've got to step it up a notch. We played Eastern Washington last game, fellas. So when we got of to the 14-0 start early in the game, maybe all it would of took was a brief look across blue turf to see a fiery group of guys in blue uniforms. They 'aint no Eastern Washington.

So, after two games, we have learned that: 1) The Beavers aren't as good as we thought they were going to be out of fall camp. 2) Matt Moore still looks like the Matt Moore from last year. 3) Canfield looks very, very promising. 4) Offensive Line? Supposed to be good, but they got pushed around by Boise State.

and... you probably could think of some others.

I'm going to dwell on numbers 2 and 3 for a moment. I know the QB's have been a frequent topic on BTD, and speaking of which, I have posted a slightly modified poll for you to vote in.

But at some point in the season, we have to decide who we want running our offense. A shaky senior? Or a smooth freshman?

Mike Riley better get his act together before the Idaho game in two weeks. They may only be Idaho, but the man at the helm is Dennis Erickson. If the Beavers lose, you bet all the Beaver fans will be on the back of Riley.

Any fans that want Riley fired better be hoping that the Beavers lose the Idaho game. They would probably just consider it a sacrifice.