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Idaho Vandals: Thoughts

Ok, right off the bat, I've got to say that Canfield looked pretty dang good when he came in late in the fourth quarter. Granted, Moore is a good quarterback, Canfield just looks so much better during the little time he gets to play. I'm interested to see if he'll ever get a shot at the starting job this season, or he will have to sit it out until Moore leaves to get the job.

The Offense looked good, but we seemed to have a lot of dropped passes. The running game and passing game went in spurts, some drives we could ram it through the middle, other drives we could get nothing going. A lot of people point fingers to Moore's feet when the passing game isn't going well, and to a certain point I agree with that. Matt needs to get through his progressions, make a decision, set his feet and go.

The Defense looked solid. Whether this meant the defense played good or Idaho didn't have much of an offense, it could go either way. But giving credit where credit is due, the Beavers did do a good job on fundamentals like coverage and pressure. Shutouts aren't easy to get.

Kyle Loomis had some great punts, and he's starting to settle into the college atmosphere. As the season goes on we'll see the real Kyle Loomis, not the shanky Loomis we saw earlier in the season.

But when the dust settled, Coach Erickson walked out of Reser Stadium with a 38-0 loss. That's got to hurt, but also he's got to feel good about what he did at Oregon State, and what he's beginning to do at Idaho.

So the question is... What did you think of seeing Erickson on the other sideline?

Go Beavers!