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College FB Saturday Week 1: Wrap Up

Texas 56, North Texas 7
Blowout. I don't think Texas is going to have any QB problems this year. Watch out.

Michigan 27, Vandy 7
Michigan won, but it wasn't anything too special. I envy their stadium.

Ohio State 35, Northern Illinois 12
Ohio State also looked strong. They're licking their chops for next week, they get Texas on the road.

Oregon 48, Stanford 10
The 'ucks won. Woo hoo.

Oklahoma 24 vs. UAB 17
This game was a little too close for comfort if you're an Oklahoma fan. The Sooners venture into Autzen Stadium in a few weeks. They better be ready. Adrian Petersen is really the key to their season. He had 139 rushing yards in their opener.

USC 50, Arkansas 14
Darn, U$C won. John David Booty did get knocked on his Booty once. Headline of the day right there.

Auburn 40, Washington State 14
Washington State had me on my toes in this one, taking a 7-6 lead after the first quarter. But it was all Auburn from there.

Tennessee 35, Cal 18
The game of the week turned into the blowout of the week. Lee Corso predicted that Cal will win the National Championship, and he says it's still possible if they run the table. Problem is, they still have to play the Beavers. Dun dun dun...

Time to re-group and draft up a BlogPoll ballot.


Go Beavers!