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You Make The Call

I'm un-doubtfully sure that you have heard something about this game, if you didn't see the Ducks' miraculous comeback live on TV.

But here is the call that has Sooners fans (and Beaver fans!) in uproar. You can clearly see that the Oregon player touches the ball before it travels the full ten yards, and then you can see that #23 for Oklahoma clearly recovers the ball. So why did the ball go to Oregon?

That question is the reason why all the officials involved in that game are suspended for a game.

There was also a questionable call later in the game on a pass interference call where the ball looked to be tipped at the line of scrimmage, therefore negating the penalty.

So, leave your thoughts on this call below, and we'll see what Beaver Nation thinks of this whole Oregon/Oklahoma mess.

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Go Beavers!