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Eastern Washington Eagles: The Recap

Oregon State Beavers Eastern Washington Eagles

56 Final 17
41 Prediction 24
209 Rushing Yards -14
274 Passing Yards 140

So, Ok. My Prediction was a little off....

But I had the right idea. And now, after watching OSU force 3 turnovers in Eastern Washington's first 4 possessions, maybe this picture does sum it up best:

But with respect to Eastern Washington, they do look like they have a pretty good team. Oregon State was just bigger and faster than they were. Against a team like Portland State, who the Beavers played in their opener last season, Eastern Washington would of had an easier time. The Eagles had their backs to the wall early, and could never escape the Beaver assault. If you want to call it that.

So I'll give you my thoughts.


The Moore vs. Canfield situation took a interesting turn last night. Moore looked good, Canfield looked better. That's my opinion, you may think otherwise. Both threw for 2 touchdowns, both took about the same number of throws, but Canfield just looked better. And, he had almost exactly twice as many yards passing than Moore. Canfield threw one interception, but that's tolerable. It was, after all, his first college game. And he is, a freshman. I don't know about you, but our future at Quarterback is in good hands with Canfield. Gundy went 1-1 on the night, completing a 9 yard pass to freshman Taylor Kavanaugh, his only catch of the game.

And what a delight it was to see big Joe Newton back on the field. His size really came to our advantage, as he caught 5 passes for 57 yards and two TD's. Yvenson also had a great night, rushing for 124. I was also impressed with our wide receivers. Sammie, Anthony, Ruben, and Brandon all made some great catches, and those guys give us more than one threat downfield.


Or should I say, "D-Wall"?

The Beavers allowed, er... -14 yards on rushing. That doesn't sound right... Did they prevent 14 yards? Gain 14 yards? Maybe that's it. The defense gained 14 rushing yards. They gave up 140 passing yards, but even that doesn't sound too bad.

And on special teams, they only allowed 76 return yards, which when you think about it, isn't bad at all. 'Cuz when you win by 39, you have to figure that you are kicking the ball off an awful lot.

Special Teams

Man, I hated to see Alexis Serna miss the one and only field goal he attempted. Let's hope he can recover from that 49- yarder, and be back in full stride next week.

The worst thing that might of happened the Beavs the whole game might of been the 10 and 16 yard shanks by freshman Kyle Loomis. It's okay, kid. We still won by 5 touchdowns.

What needs improvement:

Mike Riley can't be happy with the 9 penalties for 96 yards. It seems to always be a problem for the Beavers.

Next Week, Boise State.

Go Beavers!


(Again, HT to Peter on the whole David vs. Goliath thing. Frickin' genius.)